The details of our tea estates are as follows

Garden Name


Total Production

Production Details





New Glencoe



CTC and Orthodox




White, Darjeeling Orthodox, Oolong Green and Specialty Tea




White, Darjeeling Orthodox, Oolong Green and Specialty Tea


Our Darjeeling Tea Estates are manufacturing premium teas most of which are exported around the world and some distributed in India. We are manufacturing a wide variety of tea which includes White, Oolong, Green and traditional Darjeeling Tea. We also make Specialty and Hand Crafted Teas.

A few rare exquisites we make are Pearl Tea, Stupa, Olympic Flame, Peony Rosette and Silver Needles.

We are trying to bring about an innovation in tea production, and our strength lies in our passion to serve the best cup of Darjeeling tea to your table. In initiative to serve the Indian Market with great cup of Darjeeling Tea we have launched this Online Presence for direct consumers..

Gopaldhara Tea Estate – Pinnacle of the Darjeeling Tea Horizon

Gopaldhara, located in Mirik Valley, is one of the highest tea estates in Darjeeling. The total area of the garden is 320 Hectares. Out of the 320 Hectares, 172 Hectares has been planted with tea bushes. Planting is still being carried out in the vacant high elevation lands. .… Read more »

Rohini Tea Estate – The Youngest Tea Estate of Darjeeling

Rohini is located in the Kurseong valley of Darjeeling. The estate was closed for a period of 30 years from 1962 to 1994. From the odd 1300 Hectares around 28 Hectares is still present. These teas are of the Chinese origin and in the second flush produce exquisite muscatel teas..…Read more »