Gopaldhara Rare Woody Autumn 2020

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This is a rare and limited-edition Darjeeling autumn flush black tea produced from frosted leaves at the elevation of 4000 FT. It’s a tippy tea made from more than 130 years old high-quality bushes planted by the British. After long experimentation, we have made this tea in a red oolong style; it is highly oxidized before rolling. As a result, this tea got a woody, nutty, and fruity muscatel flavor which gives the tea a very clean cup and also allows us to keep it a whole leaf.

It brews into a well-layered rich orange cup which gives abundant sweet muscatel character and mouthful flavor with a woody taste. This tea has a grippy wine character that grabs you by the mouth. You can feel a tactile sensation imparted by tannins that can be found in grape skins, seeds, and stems. Tannin taste is often described as an astringent which sounds very negative, but actually, tannin adds balance, complexity, structure, and makes the taste last longer. It also provides relaxation to the body and mind. The aftertaste is long-lasting & captivating.

autumn flush black tea
Gopaldhara Rare Woody Autumn 2020
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