Darjeeling Green Tea Elixir

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Offer price:  840.00 / 500 gms paper box

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It is an exclusive Traditional Darjeeling Green Tea at our site from the highest elevated section of Gopaldhara Tea Estate. The finest green tea clones are used for plantations. It brews into a bright greenish-yellow cup. Typical of a premium Darjeeling Green Tea the flavor is mellow and sweet. The flavor is extremely smooth & mellow. The lingering aftertaste is delightful. A must-try for a regular green tea drinker. It also offers very good value for money. A very healthy and rejuvenating drink for those who want a great tea with health. Our Best Seller in the daily consumption category. It is available in high volume packs too so that you get the best of the value for money as this being the daily beverage. Studies have proved that consuming green tea helps to lead a healthy life and curing diseases.

Rich in anti-oxidants this healthy beverage is ideal for daily consumption for overall health benefits.