Gopaldhara (RTE-17) Smoky Chocolatey Muscatel 2024 – Master Series

 615.00 / 50 gms paper box

Indulge in the rare allure of Darjeeling rare smoky tea, a prized gem hailing from the prestigious Gopaldhara Tea Estate. This exceptional black tea, meticulously crafted from the finest AV2 bushes, caters to discerning palates that appreciate the art of smoked preparations.

Selected leaves undergo a careful process, gently rolled before embracing the essence of pine smoke in a dedicated chamber. The tea is artfully heated over burning pinewood shavings, imparting a distinctive dried litchi and smoky flavour, complemented by a frosted flowery aroma.

Adorned with golden buds, the brownish leaves gracefully transform into a dark orange, clear cup, radiating richness and depth. Prepare for a symphony of flavours—a harmonious blend of sweet, woody, and smoky notes, accompanied by intriguing hints of toffee and dark chocolate. The infusion carries a subtle pine resin aroma and taste, a testament to the use of pinewood for smoking.

This Darjeeling’s rare smoky tea is a true masterpiece, achieving a perfect balance that neither overpowers nor lacks in body. The subtle black tea astringency adds character without overwhelming the senses. Crafted with skill and expertise, this smoky delight promises a strong and distinctive experience, inviting you to embrace the artistry within each cup—a journey that is bound to be unforgettable and habit-forming.


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Darjeeling Smoky Chocolatey Muscatel
Gopaldhara (RTE-17) Smoky Chocolatey Muscatel 2024 – Master Series
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