Gopaldhara Umami Summer Oolong – Second Flush 2021

 460.00 / 100 grams tin caddy

This is completely a new style of Darjeeling summer oolong tea. This is one of the first production of summer from Gopaldhara Tea Estate. The month of May is very interesting for low to mid-elevations in Darjeeling. Growth is very slow and the weather is quite dry, not too much rain. Good temperature and low humidity. It is a period of slow growth and also coincides with the greenfly attack. It leads to stunted growth. The perfect condition for making oolongs but the window period for making this kind of teas is very short. The tea has dark green dry leaves with few tips. It brews into a yellow cup that gives a high mountain and mouthful flavour. It has a mellow sweet and fruity flavour with the notes of apricot. It leaves behind a pleasant and lingering aftertaste. So if you like Darjeeling summer oolong teas, this second flush tea will make your daily tea drinking, a pleasure and totally value for money.

darjeeling summer oolong
Gopaldhara Umami Summer Oolong – Second Flush 2021
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