Vintage Gift Box

 1,250.00 / 50gms gift box 2 tin can 25gms each

Gifting always reflects your thoughts, choices, and the care you have for the ones you are gifting. And gifting a beautiful box of Tea symbolizes the purity of your love as you want the person to have a rejuvenating life.

Our Signature Tea Gift Box collection contains two best Darjeeling teas from Gopaldhara & Rohini Tea Estates.

  1. Rare Emperor’s Choice White – Finest Darjeeling First Flush Tea Made from the best quality AV2 bushes at Rohini Tea Estates, finely plucked tippy whole leaf with a silvery appearance, A lively cup with traditional spring character having a tantalizing sweet aroma of ripe fruits with a finish of honey.
  2. Gopaldhara Gold (Thor) – This is one of the best second flush teas in the Darjeeling hills, made by AV2 bushes. The tea is extremely full and expertly fully oxidized to extract all the flavor. It takes a lot of different processes to oxidize, without crushing and cutting the leaf. This tea is very clean with absolutely no hints of astringency and harshness. It is honey sweet with a very well-rounded Muscatel finish and notes of ripe fruits.

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