Signature Tea Gift Box

 2,450.00 / 150gms gift box 3 tin can 50gms each

Gifting always reflects your thoughts, choices, and the care you have for the ones you are gifting. And gifting a beautiful box of Tea symbolizes the purity of your love as you want the person to have a rejuvenating life.

Our Signature Tea Gift Box collection contains the best three teas from Gopaldhara & Rohini Tea Estates.

  1. Silver Needles White Tea – This special Darjeeling White Tea made by drying the selected buds. It has an intensely aromatic and mellow flavor with a sweet long-lasting finish. It brews into a pale and almost colorless cup and has elegantly smooth with a honey-like richness. It is known that tea made only from buds as the high number of the anti-oxidant present when compared to all the other types. Also, it has some rare polyphenols which have some excellent health benefits.
  2. Frosted Winter Ruby – A special Darjeeling reserved red oolong tea made from the frosted leaves at the highest elevated sections of the garden. The flavor is very well rounded and smooth and the cleanliness in the cup is quite surprising with the absence of any harsh tones. It is very sweet to drink and has the taste of ripe fruits and honey and plums.
  3. Rare Spring Green Tea – This type of unique Green Tea can be made only in the season of spring which has the freshness of first flush teas. The bushes are covered with thick natural shades which help the leaves to retain chlorophyll and give it a unique taste. The tea has been specially made from special green tea clones which have less tannin content in them. The tea has dark green color whole leaves that give a rich, exquisite, smooth, vegetal, and umami flavor with a hint of pine leaves. The tea has no astringency and a lingering sweet aftertaste.

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