Gopaldhara Spring Bai Mudan – First Flush White Tea 2021

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The Spring Bai Mudan is one of the rarest, exotic and delicate Darjeeling white teas from Gopaldhara Tea Estate. This tea is produced with the youngest buds and leaves which are found only during the first flush season. Rather than rolling & oxidizing this tea, it is sun-dried in a controlled method that preserves its unforgettable smooth, creamy and fruity texture. The picturesque dry leaves are greenish-grey in appearance with lots of silvery tips that brew into a pale yellow-green colour liquor. Hints of honey, lemon & vanilla can also be felt in this tea
The tea leaves are handpicked from the topmost elevation of Gopaldhara Tea Estates from fine quality tea bushes. These leaves are harvested during the month of March, where the tea bushes are fresh out of hibernation from a prolonged winter of almost four months. The cool and dry weather ensures that the bushes grow slowly, yielding the most tender leaves with buds.
The workers are very careful in their plucking to make sure only the best shoots with prominent buds are plucked. Since the plucking is so fine, the leaves have to be hand sorted and the machines used to make the tea are very rare. There is no induced oxidation, these white teas undergo natural oxidation during the manufacturing process. A true delight, this Spring Bai Mudan is one of our finest first flush Darjeeling teas
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Gopaldhara Spring Bai Mudan – First Flush White Tea 2021
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