5 Master Series Darjeeling First Flush Tea Sample Pack 2023 | First Production of Darjeeling

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We have introduced the first production of Darjeeling Finest First Flush samples 2023 in a special new sample pack combo that varies in texture, aroma, and flavor from Rohini Tea Estate. This is a great way to explore different teas from the usual daily favorites, and perhaps even find a new choice.

  1. Rohini (RTE – 05) Hand Rolled Spring Beauty – This limited edition early First Flush tea results from a year of research and hard work and is an entirely new style of Darjeeling. It has a taste of a refreshing lively cup with a refined fruity flavor topped off with the finish of natural honey and peaches and wildflowers. This early first flush tea is very smooth to drink without astringency and can be brewed multiple times.
  2. Rohini (RTE-14) Darjeeling Bai Mudan White Peony – This rare and delicate Darjeeling Bai Mu Dan White Peony is an exotic White Tea from Rohini Tea Estate. This tea is made during the first flush season when the buds and leaves are the youngest. These young buds and leaves are needed to produce this beautiful white tea. Instead of rolling and oxidizing, this tea is sun-dried in a controlled method that preserves its unforgettable smooth, creamy, and fruity texture. The picturesque dry leaves are greenish-grey with lots of silvery tips that brew into a pale yellow-green colored liquor. A hint of honey and notes of wildflowers can also be felt in this tea.
  3. Rohini (RTE – 01) First Pick Jethikupi – Goddess of Spring – Limited edition First Pick Jethikupi is the season’s first produced tea just after the winter season. The dry leaves are bright green in appearance and consist of two whole leaves and a bud. This tea is very light on the palette having a very spring-fresh and flowery aroma. It has a mouthful of fruity flavor that leaves a clean note of olives, peach, and vanilla with a pleasant and distinct aftertaste. You won’t get any green, vegetal taste, or any astringencies in this tea. First Flush samples 2023
  4. Rohini (RTE-10) Imperial – Hand Crafted Silver Tips –  This is a limited edition and one of Darjeeling’s most expensive First Flush tea, approximately 11 kgs from the single invoice. It is plucked from an obscure area of Rohini Tea Estate which is ultimately an untouched paradise. It tastes like a fresh lively cup with a creamy and silky texture. The flavor is a mouthful and you can feel the notes of vanilla, banana, and apple with the finish of mango and honey sweet.
  5. Gopaldhara (RTE-03) Darjeeling Spring Peony – This extra fine Spring Peony is known as the rarest and most expensive Darjeeling First Flush tea and we are trying to bring this rare variety of teas from India to you. This rare first flush 2023 has a very light and complex flavor of this special tea has its own charm, which will definitely leave a mark beyond expectations. This Darjeeling first flush is made from AV2 clones and tossed & rolled by hand without any mechanical action. The slightest awakening releases the flavor of ripe apricot and fleshy peaches, exotic berries, sweet citrus, fresh apples, and grapes which will remain on your tongue for a long time.
finest first flush samples
5 Master Series Darjeeling First Flush Tea Sample Pack 2023 | First Production of Darjeeling

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