Gopaldhara First Flush Orange Pekoe 2021

 455.00 / 200 gramspaper box

The tea bushes are cultivated and harvested between altitudes of 3500 – 7000 ft at Gopaldhara Tea Estate, Darjeeling. The high elevation during the winter months causes the tea plant to develop a special flavour and aroma which is typical of authentic Darjeeling leaf teas. This regular first flush black tea has been made in late April. It has fine, blackish green leaves with few tips which brew into a transparent yellow cup. The tea has an abundance of fresh high mountain spring flavor and is mildly sweet with some pleasing astringency. The aftertaste is very strong and reminiscent of mountain Darjeeling Teas. So, this first flush black tea makes your daily tea drinking, a pleasure, and totally value for money.

first flush black tea
Gopaldhara First Flush Orange Pekoe 2021
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