Flavoued Tea Gift Box

 1,080.00 / 300gms gift box 3 tin can 100gms each

Gifting always reflects your thoughts, choices, and the care you have for the ones you are gifting. And gifting a beautiful box of Tea symbolizes the purity of your love as you want the person to have a rejuvenating life.

Our Signature Tea Gift Box collection contains three flavoured Darjeeling teas from Gopaldhara & Rohini Tea Estates.

  1. Jasmine Green Tea – Smooth and flavors Jasmine Green Tea with a gentle hint of Jasmine. Fusing the finest green teas from the high-elevation gardens with gentle, floral tones of Jasmine, this tea has captured the flavor of Darjeeling. This tea is for those who love the flavor of Jasmine getting married to Darjeeling Green Tea.
  2. Lemon Green Tea – Lemon is nature’s antiseptic. Green Tea is considered to be a healthy alternative to aerated beverages. Darjeeling Lemon Green Tea uses the benefits of lemon and green tea to revitalize the body and mind. Additionally savor the tea with the mountain flavor of Darjeeling. A hint of lemon makes the Cup more fresh and full of energy which helps in decreasing stress levels.
  3. Earl GreyDarjeeling Earl Grey Tea is a tea blend with a distinctive flavor and aroma derived from the addition of oil extracted from the rind of the bergamot orange. Traditionally, the term ‘Earl Grey’ has applied only to black teas that contain oil of bergamot as a flavoring. This Earl Grey from Darjeeling gives you the sweet Muscatel character along with the prominent fruit character and is balanced to give you a flavor of both worlds.

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