Gopaldhara (RTE-73) Autumn Dew 2023 – Classic Series

 475.00 / 75 gms tin caddy

This is a delightful Darjeeling Autumn Tea from the highest elevated garden of Darjeeling, Gopaldhara Tea Estates which stretched up to 5500 – 7000 Ft. The tea is produced from old china bushes in early November when the temperature though lower still has not reached very low levels. The low temperature experienced during the month of November in the Darjeeling region imparts a very distinct character to the tea.

The appearance of the tea is brownish-black leaves with few tips. It brews into a bright orange cup having excellent muscatel notes. The tea has a sweet flavor with a taste of dense ripe fruits but without any astringency. The aftertaste is well-defined, long-lasting & captivating.

Autumn Dew
Gopaldhara (RTE-73) Autumn Dew 2023 – Classic Series
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