Gopaldhara Royal Series Sample Pouches

 915.00 / 70 gms combo 7 taster boxes


Life is always not simple. Sometimes we are presented with multiple choices and choosing only one seems to be a rather difficult proposition. How do you decide whether something is better than the other? To make the right choice you have to experience all that is presented to you. Expand your horizon and try something new for a change.

We have introduced a selection of Tea Taster Boxes consisting of 6 different types of finest Royal Series Teas from Gopaldhara Tea Estate that varies in texture, aroma, and flavors. This is a great way to explore different types of white teas from the usual daily favorites, perhaps even find a new favorite.

This Taster Box combo is perfect for sharing with either a friend or family. It makes a great gift for tea lovers.

Our Collection includes:

    1. Gopaldhara Maharani of Darjeeling – The leaves are mostly comprised of a single or two whole leaves and a bud. The leaves undergo a mild oxidation process to ensure all the exquisite flavors are prominently present. Then they are gently rolled which helps them in opening up by the pot when brewed.
    2. Vintage Green – You can feel the delightful flavor in your mouth with each sip and without any bitterness. A very refreshing tea that leaves you with a clean aftertaste.
    3. Maharaja of Darjeeling – Maharaja of Darjeeling is one of the best second flush teas in the Darjeeling hills. This is a fine and rare Darjeeling muscatel tea harvested from AV2 bushes from the highest elevated section of Gopaldhara Tea Estate
    4. Nectar of Darjeeling – The tea consists of finely plucked tippy leaves with a silvery appearance and brews into a golden amber cup. It has a refined fruity flavor topped off with a finish of natural honey; the tea has a lingering and pleasant sweet aftertaste with zero astringency
    5. Rohini Gold Buds Black – This finest second flush gold buds tea brews into a bright orange and clear cup having mouthful, sweet & fruity muscatel character with a finish of honey.
    6. Summer Woody Muscatel – This is a limited-edition Darjeeling second flush black tea produced from the finest leaves and buds in the picturesque solve of Rohini Tea Estate, Darjeeling. It’s a tippy tea made from more than 130 years old high-quality bushes planted by the British at 3500 FT. It is part of the mineral-rich Kurseong Valley known to produce some of the best muscatel teas in Darjeeling.
    7. Garden Of Spring – It has a taste of a refreshing lively cup with refined fruity flavour topped off with the finish of natural honey, peaches and wildflowers. The tea is very smooth to drink without any astringency and can be brewed multiple times.
Gopaldhara Royal Series Sample Pouches
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