Gopaldhara (RTE-21) Umami White oolong – First Flush 2023 – Royal Series

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Darjeeling Umami White Tea 2023

May is an interesting month for the high elevations of Darjeeling, as it is characterized by a slow growth rate and dry weather with minimal rainfall. The temperature is pleasant, and humidity is low, providing an ideal environment for the production of oolong tea. However, this season also corresponds with a greenfly attack, which can cause stunted growth. While these conditions are ideal for oolong tea production, the window of opportunity for harvesting and processing this type of tea is quite narrow.
This is a completely new & unique Darjeeling white oolong tea that you can find only at Gopaldhara Tea Estate. It is made from Japanese bushes planted at the tea estate stretching from 5500 to 7000 feet. We have named this tea White Oolong because this tea is produced using a process similar to that of white tea, but with the addition of a gentle rolling and fixing step towards the end of processing.
The tea has dark green dry leaves with few tips. When brewed, it produces a lovely yellow cup that offers a delicately light-bodied, clean, and refined yellow liquor. The flavour profile is characterized by the essence of the high mountains, delivering a satisfying and abundant taste. The texture is notably citrusy and herbaceous, while simultaneously offering prominent fruity and umami notes, with hints of olive and apricot.

Gopaldhara (RTE-21) Umami White oolong – First Flush 2023 – Royal Series
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