Gopaldhara High Mountain Smoky Tea

 400.00 / 125 gms tin caddy

This Gopaldhara High Mountain Smoky Tea is designed for those who appreciate smoked preparations. This is a traditional Darjeeling black tea; heated over burning pinewood shavings, which contributes to the dried litchi and smoky flavor with a frosted flowery aroma. As we are using pinewood for smoke, it also imparts a little pine resin aroma and taste. The dry leaves are reddish-brown in colour that gives a bright red liquor cup. Crafted by skillful, expert hands, it promises a truly strong and distinctive experience that will get you addicted.

The Gopaldhara High Mountain Smoky Tea is made with hand-picked leaves collected from Darjeeling at 5500 to 7000 FT elevation during the Second Flush season. After a little rolling, the tea leaves are passed through the pine smoke chamber to get the smoked flavor. This smoked black tea will make a cup of warm drink packed with energy, enthusiasm, and delicate charm. It has a refreshing aftertaste that lasts for a long time. This tea has a distinctly strong cup, best enjoyed without milk and sugar.

smoky tea
Gopaldhara High Mountain Smoky Tea
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