Healthy Tea Gift Box

 1,500.00 / 100gms gift box 2 tin can 50gms each

Gifting always reflects your thoughts, choices, and the care you have for the ones you are gifting. And gifting a beautiful box of Tea symbolizes the purity of your love as you want the person to have a rejuvenating life.

Our Signature Tea Gift Box collection contains two best Darjeeling teas from Gopaldhara & Rohini Tea Estates.

  1. Silver Tips White Tea – It is one of the most delicate & refreshing tea from the Gopaldhara Tea Estate. It is least processed and appreciated by tea connoisseurs for its unmatched subtlety, complexity, natural sweetness, and delicacy. It brews into a light flavor delicate cup with a very good aroma and fruit flavor. It contains rich and natural elements for reducing stress levels and fighting diseases.
  2. Rare Spring Green Tea – The bushes are covered with thick natural shades in Rohini Tea Estate which help the leaves to retain chlorophyll and give it a unique taste. The tea has been specially made from special green tea clones which have less tannin content in them. The tea has dark green color whole leaves that give a rich, exquisite, smooth, vegetal, and umami flavor with a hint of pine leaves. The tea has no astringency and a lingering sweet aftertaste.

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