Jasmine Scented Silver Needles

 815.00 / 50 gms paper box

Jasmine Scented Silver Needles are manufactured by plucking the best quality young and fine buds only. Like all white tea, they are simply dried along with the Jasmine flowers. When they are dried together and left for a few days together the scent of the Jasmine is transferred from the Jasmine flowers to the Silver Needles. Experts then analyze and when there has been enough flavour transmission from the Jasmine to the White Tea Silver Needles they are then separated and the Jasmine Scented White Tea Silver Needles are ready to be packed. The tea brews into a smooth, sweet cup with a very fruity flavour with prominent Jasmine notes without any astringency. The teas are reminiscent of the high mountain flavour which Darjeeling is known for.
Jasmine Scented Tea
Jasmine Scented Silver Needles
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