3 in 1 Premium Black Tea Gift Can

 540.00 / 100 grams gift box

A special three-in-one Premium Black Tea Gift Can. A luxury gift for those very special moments. The choicest Darjeeling Teas from our Gardens. Ideal for Corporate Giftings, Meetings, Weddings.


  1. First Flush Orange Pekoe: This regular first flush black tea has been made in late April. It has fine, blackish green leaves with few tips which brew into a transparent yellow cup. The tea has an abundance of fresh high mountain spring flavour and is mildly sweet with some pleasing astringency. The aftertaste is very strong and reminiscent of mountain Darjeeling Teas.
  2. High Mountain Smoky Tea: This Gopaldhara High Mountain Smoky Tea is designed for those who appreciate smoked preparations. This is a traditional Darjeeling black tea; heated over burning pinewood shavings, which contributes to the dried litchi and smoky flavour with a frosted flowery aroma. As we are using pinewood for smoke, it also imparts a little pine resin aroma and taste.
  3. Classic Darjeeling Black Tea: It is made from high-quality shoots and processed by experts and the teas are freshly packed in the garden to give the exquisite flavor. The dry leaves appear to be brownish with few golden tips. The tea brews into rich orange colour liquor having a well-rounded high mountain flavour and full-bodied texture. The flavour is abundant sweet, fruity, and muscatel.
premium black tea gift can
3 in 1 Premium Black Tea Gift Can
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This 3 in 1 Premium Black Tea Gift Can can be yours for only ₹ 540.00