3 in 1 Premium Darjeeling Tea Gift Can

 605.00 / 100 grams gift box

A special three-in-one Premium Darjeeling Tea Gift Can. A luxury gift for those very special moments. The choicest Darjeeling Teas from our Gardens. Ideal for Corporate Giftings, Meetings, Weddings.


  1. Premium First FlushThis is an early harvest first flush tea from the Darjeeling region of India. The tea is famous for its lively ‘bite’ and an abundance of fresh flavor. This tea is a spirited embodiment of these qualities. It can be well-defined as clean with a delicate crispness. The Premium First Flush tea has a clean finish and is a very mellow aftertaste.
  2. Premium Second FlushThis tea is the jewel of all black teas. An exceptional quality Darjeeling tea plucked from the china bushes from the ‘high elevation’ section of the plantation of Darjeeling. This tea has all the ingredients that are necessary to make a perfect Darjeeling cup. It has the right balance of floral and muscatel notes. The aroma is so pure you will relish every sip you take.
  3. Premium Spring Green: It is produced from high-quality green tea clones with less tannin content than the usual Darjeeling clones. This results in zero bitterness. This is a broken leaf standard and brews into a bright greenish-yellow coloured liquor. The flavour is mellow, sweet, and mildly astringent with a delightful aftertaste that lingers on.
premium darjeeling tea gift can
3 in 1 Premium Darjeeling Tea Gift Can
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This 3 in 1 Premium Darjeeling Tea Gift Can can be yours for only ₹ 605.00