Rose Leaf Tea – Premium Series

 400.00 / 100 grams paper box

Rose Leaf Tea

Gopaldhara Tea Estate, in Darjeeling, is planted with high quality bushes which are planted up to 7000 ft and are among the highest in Darjeeling. Here the temperature is very low and the growth is very slow it has the perfect conditions to make premium quality Darjeeling tea.

This tea is a blend of Rose Buds and carefully crafted mildly oxidized Darjeeling tea. It brews into a smooth cup with a pronounced rose flavor and has a good balance so that you can enjoy the texture of a fine Darjeeling Tea and the taste and fragrance of Rose. Please consume without adding any milk, sugar, or lime as the taste, flavors and aroma are very delicate.

Some potential health benefits of drinking this tea may include reducing inflammation, promoting digestion, and helping to relieve stress and anxiety.

Rose Leaf Tea
Rose Leaf Tea – Premium Series
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