Rohini Honey Muscatel – Second Flush 2021

 400.00 / 50 gms tin caddy

Rohini Honey Muscatel is a precious second flush 2021 muscatel tea from Rohini Tea Estate of Darjeeling. The tea is made with small leaves and buds from AV2 bushes which is one of the most preferred clones of Darjeeling. The leaves are freshly plucked in the last week of June. The dry leaves appear to be brownish with lots of golden tips. The tea brews into a bright orange cup liquor and is very smooth to drink. It is very sweet to drink having a prominent muscatel flavor along with a honey finish devoid of any astringency and bitterness.

Second flush teas are considered matured because of the sufficient rainfall received during the month of May – June in the Darjeeling region. The leaves absorb enough water during the monsoon period which helps in developing rich colour, strong aroma & muscatel flavour to the teas. It also produces strong liquor which is any day a better choice for strong tea lovers.

second flush 2021
Rohini Honey Muscatel – Second Flush 2021
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