Gopaldhara Second Flush Black Tea Sample Pack

 500.00 / 70 gms combo 7 taster boxes


Life is always not simple. Sometimes we are presented with multiple choices and choosing only one seems to be a rather difficult proposition. How do you decide whether something is better than the other?  To make the right choice you have to experience all that is presented to you Darjeeling Special First Flush Tea, expand your horizon and try something new for a change.

We have introduced a Gopaldhara second flush black teas sample pack in 1 combo that varies in texture, aroma, and flavors. This is a great way to explore different teas from the usual daily favorites, perhaps even find a new favorite.

  1. Everest Orchid – This rare second flush black tea has brownish dry leaves with abundant golden tips that brew into a red aromatic liquor. You will find a honey-sweet and very well-rounded muscatel finish with the notes of ripe fruits, almost like red wine.
  2. Jamguri Muscatel – Brownish dry leaves with random golden tips brew into a full-bodied red cup with an excellent or uncommon depth. The tea has a combination of richness, depth, intensity, sweet muscatel flavour with a prominent & rare note of Jamun fruit.
  3. Rare Muscatel Gold – It is a rare and precious second flush black tea, made from more than 130 years old high-quality china bushes planted by the British. It brews into a rich orange cup which gives abundant sweet muscatel character and mouthful flavor with a woody taste and notes of ripe fruits.
  4. Clonal Black TeaThe dry leaves are brownish with random golden tips which brew into orange liquor and a medium-bodied cup. It has a prominent fruity muscatel flavour devoid of any astringency & bitterness.
  5. Classic Second Flush – The tea has a woody character with rare muscatel flavour and a special tinge of sweetness, which makes the second flush so distinctive. It has brownish leaves with random tips which brew into dark orange liquor. The cup is medium-bodied with musky notes and a fresh aroma to fall in love with.
  6. Premium Second Flush – This tea has all the ingredients that are necessary to make a perfect Darjeeling cup. It has the right balance of floral and muscatel notes. The aroma is so pure you will relish every sip you take.
  7. Enigma Honey Muscatel – The dry leaves appear to be brownish with few golden tips. The tea brews into a rich orange color having a very strong aroma & muscatel flavor. It has the prominent honey-like sweetness which AV2 teas are famous for.
second flush black teas sample pack
Gopaldhara Second Flush Black Tea Sample Pack
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