Darjeeling Unique & Finest Summer Muscatel Teas Sample Pack

 825.00 / 70gms combo 7 sample pouch


Life is always not simple. Sometimes we are presented with multiple choices and choosing only one seems to be a rather difficult proposition. How do you decide whether something is better than the other?  To make the right choice you have to experience all that is presented to you Darjeeling Special First Flush Tea, expand your horizon and try something new for a change.

We have introduced a unique and rare second flush teas sample pack in 1 combo that varies in texture, aroma, and flavors. This is a great way to explore different teas from the usual daily favorites, perhaps even find a new favorite.

  1. Summer Woody Muscatel – Made from old chinary cuttings, this tea is highly oxidized before rolling. This results in a cup that is woody, nutty, and fruity muscatel flavored. The tea brews into a well-layered rich orange coloured liquor. The cup is very clean with abundant muscatel character, good mouthfeel and a prominent woody taste like oak.
  2. Gopaldhara Gold (Thor) – Made from the AV2 cultivar, this tea is extremely full and has been fully oxidized to extract all the flavor. It has a very clean taste with absolutely no hints of astringency and harshness. The tea has a honey-sweet flavor with a well-rounded Muscatel finish and notes of ripe fruits. It is made from AV2 cultivar
  3. Gold Buds Black – Made from Teesta Valley-1, this tea is known for its characteristic golden buds. It brews into a transparent, bright orange coloured liquor which has a rich mouthfeel, and a sweet and fruity muscatel character with a honey, chocolate and toffee finish
  4. Everest Orchid –Made from AV2 and P312 clones, this rare second flush black tea has brownish dry leaves with abundant golden tips. It brews into a red aromatic liquor that has a honey-sweet and well-rounded muscatel finish with notes of ripe fruits, almost like red wine and dark chocolate.
  5. Pepper Muscatel – Made from wild clones, this tea is truly rare and can only be found at Gopaldhara Teas. It brews into an orange coloured liquor that is very smooth on the palate, with prominent fruity, muscatel, and mild green chilly flavors.
  6. Summer Golden Tips – Made from good quality AV2 shoots, this fine second flush tea has brownish dry leaves with lots of golden tips. It brews into a transparent orange coloured liquor, has a good mouthful, sweet and fruity muscatel character with a finish of honey
  7. Jamguri Muscatel – Made from Japanese Yabukita bushes, this tea is known for its rare Jamun-like flavor. With brownish dry leaves and random golden tips, the tea brews into a full-bodied red coloured liquor with an excellent depth. It has a combination of richness, depth, intensity, sweet muscatel flavor with a prominent and rare note of Jamun fruit.
Darjeeling Unique & Finest Summer Muscatel Teas Sample Pack
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