3 in 1 Vintage Tea Gift Box

 1,270.00 / 100 grams gift box

A Special Three in One Caddy Tea Gift Box. A luxury gifting for those very special moments. The choicest Darjeeling Teas from our Gardens. Ideal for Corporate Giftings, Meetings, Weddings.


  1. Silver Needles – Silver Needles is an excellent anti-oxidant abundant specialty white tea. It is from the Gopaldhara Tea estate and made by drying the selected buds. It has an intensely aromatic and mellow flavor with a sweet long-lasting finish. It brews into a pale and almost colorless cup and has elegantly smooth with a honey-like richness. It is the purest tea to rejuvenate your body and mind. If you love white tea, you should not miss this.
  2. Vintage Green Tea – It is an exquisite green tea, made from special green tea clones which have negligible tannin content of them. To bring out the best flavor only small and very fine two leaves and a bud is plucked. The teas are gently rolled so that they do not break which allows each of them to open up by the pot when they are brewed. The perfectly plucked and processed leaves are olive green and brew into a light smooth mellow greenish yellow cup. The flavor has the richness of floral with a sharp typical nose of non-fermented green teas but without any hint of bitterness.
  3. Pearl Black Tea: This is made by hand-rolling the selectively plucked single leaf and a bud from the choicest sections of the garden. It is then rolled into a pearl by twirling the leaf around the bud by the experienced workers. During the rolling process, the leaves undergo minimal fermentation and they mature into a fully flavored cup with a deep mesmerizing aroma. Once the pearls are immersed in hot water they start opening up and you can see the original leaf and a bud. Watch the handcrafted pearls unfurl into a light golden brew with a tantalizing aroma.