Gopaldhara (RTD-45) Classic First Flush 2023 – Classic Series

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 465.00 / 75 gms tin caddy

Classic First Flush is an authentic and traditional Darjeeling first flush tea from the high elevation of Gopaldhara Tea Estate, which stretches up to 7000 ft. It has a traditional Darjeeling fresh flavour with a prominent flowery character. The tea is very light on the palate with a sweet and smooth clean leather flavour. The low temperature experienced during winter has given a very well defined smooth character to the tea. It has a very strong and prominent aftertaste that stays with you for quite some. It is a traditional Darjeeling first flush tea, something which everyone used to enjoy before the clones came up. These bushes are now more than 135 years old and were originally planted by the British.

During the first flush which is also known as spring flush, we have 100% growing shoots and get excellent buds with either single leaf or two leaves and a bud. The flavor is prominent as the weather is also very dry and cool which ensures very slow growth.

The plucking is of such fine quality that the tea only needs to be hand sorted and the machines used to make the tea are very less. The garden workers are very careful in their plucking by hand to make sure only the best shoots with prominent buds are plucked. Authentic Darjeeling First Flush Teas are known to be slightly oxidized. This tea is also made in the same way but it is sufficiently oxidized to ensure that all the exquisite flavors are prominently present.

Gopaldhara (RTD-45) Classic First Flush 2023 – Classic Series
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