Understanding Tea Bushes and what types of teas are best suited for them.

Tea Garden

Principally there are three kind of tea bushes. Camellia Sinensis China, Camellia Sinensis Japonica and Camellia Sinensis Assamica. Every tea has its own clientele and not all consumers are able to appreciate and have a liking for every kind of tea. However the bush properties, inherent flavour and aroma present in the leaves of the bushes make the bushes more suitable for a certain type of tea.

In principle, the flavour, aroma and characteristics have to be already present in the leaves of the tea bushes. The quantum and quality of the flavour and aroma will depend on many factors like Sunlight, Humidity, Rain, Elevation, Soil etc. However, if a certain character is not already present in the leaves of the bushes it cannot be manufactured in the factory. The skill and manufacturing capability of the factory and its workers can preserve and enhance the quality and quantum of the aroma and flavour but if it is not already present it cannot manufacture it.

We have experimented with many varieties of bushes in both our tea estates. From our experience the

tea cultivars

Camellia Sinensis Japonica make the best Green, and most nice Fruity Oolong and Fruity Blacks. It could be because of high chlorophyll content. Some of the cultivars we have in the garden from these are Yabukita and Fujimadori.

Camellia Sinensis China has a very wide range. Early planting in Darjeeling happened mostly from seeds that came from China. Tea was not native to Darjeeling. Tea seeds were brought from elsewhere and planted here. The attraction was the unique climate of lower temperature, abundant rainfall, excellent soil and lots of fog and mist which ensured slow and stunted growth. The kind of bushes we have from China are more suitable for making White, Oolong and Black. They make very decent green too.

tea cultivars

Camellia Sinensis Assamica is native to Assam. It is known to produce much larger leaves which can produce malty strong cups with very good briskness and strong taste. Because of the larger leaf, the yields are very high. They are most famous for making milk tea and masala tea. They also produce very good strong malty woody blacks. Because of the basic woody texture, it does not make very fruity cups.

If you are fond of a certain type of tea always try to find out what variety of bush was used to make the tea.

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