Gopaldhara Frosted Winter Ruby – Rarest Red Oolong 2020

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This is a special Darjeeling reserved red oolong tea made from frosted leaves found at the highest elevated sections of the Gopaldhara Tea estate.The Autumn tea is produced in mid-November from AV2 clones which are very rare to find at such high peaks. Extreme cold weather conditions reach upto 0 degrees inducing special and complex flavor into the tea. The growth is very slow during this period and production is limited.

The tea leaves are blackish-red with lots of tips that brew into a bright coppery infusion and fully transparent orange liquor. The tea has an exquisite clonal flavor with a prominent Autumnal Muscatel character.The flavor is well rounded, smooth and the cleanliness in the cup is quite surprising with the absence of any harsh tones. A sweet drink with notes of ripe fruits,honey and plums. The tea has been well oxidized but still retains a prominent fruity flavor.

autumn tea
Gopaldhara Frosted Winter Ruby – Rarest Red Oolong 2020
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