Rohini (RTE-58) Summer Honey Oolong – Bug Bitten Tea 2023 – Classic Series

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Renowned for its exceptional quality, this one of the best Darjeeling summer oolong tea is crafted from the finest AV2 bushes at Rohini Tea Estate, making it a standout choice. Aptly named “bug bitten tea,” its unique character stems from a fascinating natural phenomenon. During the second flush tea harvest in June, as temperatures rise, so does the insect population. Tea Jassids, also known as green flies, indulge in the tea leaves for a few weeks. Their feeding causes the leaves to wither and shrink while retaining their vitality, resulting in intensified flavors. Additionally, the insects’ tiny punctures on the leaf surface instigate a natural fermentation process, releasing aromatic compounds and enhancing the tea’s flavor profile. Interestingly, the distinct “Muscatel” flavor found in second flush Darjeeling teas is a response to the plant’s stress from insect infestation.

This summer oolong variety exhibits brownish-black leaves with delicate silver tips. Once brewed, it unveils a bright amber cup, exuding a captivating aroma. The tea’s smooth character is accompanied by a delightful absence of astringency. Indulge in its mouthwatering sweetness and fruity muscatel notes, which gracefully intermingle with hints of honey and mango flavors, leaving a gratifying aftertaste. An enchanting creation and a true pleasure, it undoubtedly stands among the finest teas originating from Darjeeling.

Rohini (RTE-58) Summer Honey Oolong – Bug Bitten Tea 2023 – Classic Series

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