Jasmine Green Tea Bag

 190.00 / 50 gms tea bags

Jasmine Green Tea Bag is made with nylon Which is best for leaf tea as it can accommodated greater volume. While brewing leaf tea expands and gets heavier which nylon tea bags can bear. Leaf grade brews into a better liquor which is smoother having more flavor and aroma. Nylon tea bags are therefore better in quality than the paper tea bags.

Jasmine Green Tea is a perfumed blend of high-grown Darjeeling Green Tea that’s scented with gentle, floral tones of Jasmine. A perfect blend of two aromas and taste, its fragrance stays with you long after you’ve taken the last sip.

The health benefits of green tea are as follows:

It contains high quantity of polyphenol, vitamins & mineral. Polyphenols are powerful antioxidants that slows down ageing process and have beneficial effects on health. It relaxes and revives body and soul. It aids digestion. It reduces fatigue and improves concentration. It strengthens blood vessels walls. It prevents cavities & aids carbohydrate metabolism. It is one of the most safe & healthy beverages in the world.