Gopaldhara Darjeeling Oolong – Second Flush 2021

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 435.00 / 100 grams tin caddy

Traditional Darjeeling Oolong Tea is semi-oxidized and the oxidation level is between black and green. The manufacturing style of Oolong is very different from the traditional black teas and involves controlling the oxidation to the desired level required until the flavor has been maximized. To make good Oolong the quality of the shoots should be very good. This is reflected in the leaf style. Darjeeling Oolong Tea is generally very stylish to look at. These teas are manufactured from the high mountains of Gopaldhara where the bushes have been planted at 5500 to 7000 FT. It is rich in antioxidants and has several health benefits. The teas are very smooth to drink with hardly any astringency.

darjeeling oolong tea
Gopaldhara Darjeeling Oolong – Second Flush 2021