Darjeeling Tea Starter Kit – Flower Tea Blends

 655.00 / 40 gram starter kit

  1. Darjeeling Chamomile Oolong Tea – Chamomile Oolong Tea is a perfect blend of chamomile herb along with Oolong Tea of Darjeeling. The Tea has a fresh fragrance of chamomile which is like a crisp apple. Chamomile is loaded with flavonoids which are plant-based nutrients and have major health benefits. The tea brews into a bright orange cup liquor having floral and apple sweetness with muscatel notes. It is a perfect drink that soothes your mind and body.
  2. Rose Leaf Tea – Gopaldhara Tea Estate, in Darjeeling is planted with high quality bushes which are planted up to 7000 ft and is among the highest in Darjeeling. Here the temperature are very low and the growth is very slow and it has the perfect conditions to make premium quality Darjeeling tea.
  3. Jasmine Green Gold – This Jasmine flower green tea is an aromatic blend of Jasmine flower buds and the finest Darjeeling green teas. This blend is the perfect balance between the fresh flavour of green tea and sweet floral aroma with subtle sweet notes of Jasmine flowers.
  4. Gopaldhara Rose White Silver Tips – The tea is a perfect blend of rosebuds with Silver Tips White Tea one of the most delicate and refreshing white teas from Gopaldhara Tea Estate. Just like white tea, rose also has great health benefits and is being widely used for its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic properties in herbal medicines. Rose buds are also used to ease nervous tension and stress and its calming effects help relax the mind and body.
Darjeeling Tea Starter Kit – Flower Tea Blends
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