This is a unique subscription programme that allows you to explore different and world class Darjeeling Teas with just one time purchase. In this pack, you will get 2 pouches of fresh and best Gopaldhara Darjeeling teas every month, which are specially chosen by our tea experts. Each box contains 20 gms teas selected for the month.

Teas of the month

first flush tea 2024

Rohini First Pick Jethikupi – Goddess of Spring – First Flush 2022

This tea is very light on the palette having a very spring fresh and flowery aroma. It has a mouthful fruity flavour.

Darjeeling Vintage Green Tea 2022

The perfectly plucked and processed leaves are olive green and brew into a light smooth mellow green cup.

subscription perks


You get fresh new tea every month.

Fresh Tea

Every tea you get is freshly made on present month.

Healthy Habit

Drinking tea is good for health.

Environment Friendly

Loose leaf tea are environment friendly