Five Recommended Best Tea Gifts for Tea Lovers

Tea GiftsFor 135 years, Gopaldhara Tea has been brewing in the kitchens of many tea lovers. Just to think of it everyone has a different way of brewing and use different accessories.As the festive Season is quickly approaching which means it’s time to start thinking about gifts for the special friends and family in your life. Gifts are nothing but a reflection of your thoughts and love for the person you want to gift. This season try Tea Gifts.

It is so very easy to decide tea gifts for a tea lover. And tea gifts is considered sophisticated and thoughtful. Moreover, tea is the healthiest beverage on the planet (Rich in antioxidants, good for teeth and hair, helps you de-stress and so on). Love for tea isn’t bound by gender and there is no wrong time for a good cuppa.

To make things a little easier, especially if you are new to teas, here’s a short list of 6 tea gifting suggestions to get you started.

Aristocratic set. An expression of love. Features 3 exclusive teas in every box. There are 4 variations in Aristocratic Set. All the four variations have three luxurious teas which are ideal for bespoke gifting for festivals and special occasions. Customization is also allowed.

Exotic Gift Boxes

Special Tea Gift Hamper.  An exclusive Tea Gift Basket along with attractive accessories and selected Darjeeling Tea. We have made a special Gift Basket for those special occasion which can be Gift Packed with special message.

Customization is also allowed.

Every Hamper Contains :-

  1. A special tea of your choice in Tin
  2. Easy to Brew Smart Easy Bottle with Warming Cover
  3. Stainless Steel Cup Infuser
  4. Wooden Basket

Rakhi Gift

Pine Wood Chestlet . An exclusive pure Darjeeling Black Clonal Tips Tea in a beautiful  pine wooden box. A perfect Tea Gift for all lovely occasions. Ideal for Weddings, Corporate Gifting. Enjoy the fresh aroma & taste of finest Darjeeling teas Gopaldhara Tea Estate.Pine Wood Chestlest Black Tea

3 in 1 Gift Box.. A luxury tea gifts set for very special moments. Features 3 different teas and has 3 different variations. These choicest Teas from Gopaldhara Tea Estate is Ideal for all Festive occasions, Corporate Gifting, Meetings and Weddings.3 in 1 Premium Gift Box

Elegant Tin Box.  We have 30 varieties of tea in our Tin Tea Gift Box packing to match different pallets and preferences. All there teas are freshly packed at Gopaldhara Tea Estate so that you get the best flavor and aroma. Gopaldhara has been making the Darjeeling teas for its world wide clientele. Each can is then packed in a elegant silver tissue stitched bag with a personalized Tag.


Easy  to Brew My Tea Bottle. Teas are best enjoyed with complementing accessories. Some of the accessories ease, help and enhance the brewing process as well as enrich the drinking experience.

Its always not possible to steep loose tea while on go and to purchase teas from a tea café does not always end with a tasteful cuppa. As a result Easy to Brew My bottle helps to savor your perfect tea.  It’s an ultra chic borosilicate tea maker for convenient tea brewing, with an in built steel infuser and a warming cover.

Tea Accessories




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