Darjeeling Green Gold – First Flush Green Tea 2021

 415.00 / 100 grams paper box

“Health in your hands”

A healthy refreshing brew,
  Selectively picked from nurtured fields,
Gently steamed and processed,
A very special make for you

Green Gold is an exquisite Darjeeling Green Tea from Gopaldhara Tea Estate.  It is produced from the high-quality green tea clones which have less tannin content than the usual Darjeeling clones resulting in zero bitterness in a freshly brewed cup. To bring out the best flavor only small and very fine two leaves and a bud is plucked. The teas are gently rolled so that they do not break which allows each of them to open up by the pot when they are brewed. Unlike the regular green tea, they hardly taste bitter and have a nice pleasing green tea pine flavour.

Studies have proved that consuming green tea helps to lead a healthy life and curing diseases. Rich in anti-oxidants this healthy beverage is ideal for daily consumption for overall health benefits.