Gopaldhara Darjeeling Romance – Premium White Tea

 435.00 / 100 grams tin caddy

This is one of the refreshing and premium White Tea from Gopaldhara Tea Estate, cultivated in the picturesque slopes of the Darjeeling Hills at altitudes up to 7000 ft (2000 meter), which undergo gentle processing to produce this gourmet white tea. To make this White Tea we have selected the best cultivar. It mostly consists of attractive and tender leaves with abundant silver buds, brews into a blissful yellow cup that is mellow, pleasantly sweet, very subtle smooth, and has a beautiful and light floral aroma. The after taste is very refreshing with a sweet and silky clean finish. Like all other white teas, this premium white tea also contains the highest percentage of antioxidants and polyphenols among all the different kinds of teas.