Rose Ashwagandha Green Tea

 490.00 / 200 grams stand up pouch

Experience the perfect fusion of our Rose Ashwagandha Green Tea and Ayurvedic treasures with our exceptional blend. We’ve meticulously curated this infusion, harmonizing the goodness of green tea, Ashwagandha, Rose Petals, Tulsi (Holy Basil), and Lemongrass, all aimed at delivering a rejuvenating and tranquil experience.

Ashwagandha takes centre stage, boosting your immune system, providing defence against viruses, and promoting restful sleep. As a non-toxic herb celebrated for its adaptogenic properties, it’s your ally in stress reduction, reinforcing your body’s resilience, and reigniting your vitality. The elegant touch of Rose enhances the aroma and flavour of our Rose Ashwagandha Tea to unparalleled heights. Integrate this exceptional blend into your daily routine to savour its calming benefits while championing your overall well-being and immunity.

Once steeped, this healthful Herbal Tea transforms into a vibrant, pinkish-gold elixir. It releases a sumptuous, floral, and sweet fragrance, and provides a sweet mouthful flavour with delicate notes of citrus and a hint of Tulsi’s character. The flavour profile bestows a tranquil and comforting experience with a dominant rose aroma. The delightful citrusy sweetness of lemongrass beautifully complements this extraordinary tea, crafting a harmonious and soothing cup.

rose ashwagandha green tea
Rose Ashwagandha Green Tea
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