All Darjeeling Tea in 1 combo pack

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  1. Premium First Flush This is an early harvested first flush tea from the Darjeeling region of India. The tea is famous for its lively ‘bite’ and an abundance of fresh flavor. This tea is a spirited embodiment of these qualities. It can be well-defined as clean with a delicate crispness. The Premium First Flush tea has a clean finish and a very mellow aftertaste.
  2. Premium Second Flush – Darjeeling Premium second flush tea is an authentic muscatel black tea sourced from the esteemed Gopaldhara Tea Estate. Handpicked from the high-altitude section of the plantation in Darjeeling, this tea derives its exceptional quality from the delicate china bushes it originates from.
  3. Red Thunder – The tea brews into a fully transparent orange liquor with excellent muscatel flavor and rich, dense notes of ripe fruits. The flavor profile is well-balanced with fruity, soft, and earthy flavors. The tea is sweet without any astringency. The aftertaste is well-defined, long-lasting, and captivating.
  4. Spring Moonlight White Oolong – The tea brews into a bright yellow coloured liquor which is very syrupy. It is dominated by floral notes accompanied by hints of white and pink fruits with fresh sprouted vegetables. This is an exceptional and fine spring tea.
  5. Arogyam Premium Spring Green – This is a special Darjeeling Green Tea produced from leaves growing at the highest elevated sections of Gopaldhara Tea Estate. It is produced from high quality green tea clones with less tannin content than the usual Darjeeling clones. This results in zero bitterness.
  6. Darjeeling Oolong – Traditional Darjeeling Oolong Tea is semi-oxidized and the oxidation level is between black and green. The manufacturing style of Oolong is very different from the traditional black teas and involves controlling the oxidation to the desired level required until the flavor has been maximized
All Darjeeling Tea in 1 combo pack
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