Gopaldhara Classic Autumn – Black Tea 2020

 390.00 / 125 gmspaper box

It is a very aromatic & traditional Autumn Tea of Darjeeling from the peaks of Gopaldhara Tea Estate. The tea is made from the old bushes and has a greenish-black appearance. The tea is produced in early November when the temperature though lower but still has not yet reached very low levels yet. It has been produced from good leaf from the highest peaks of Gopaldhara which stretches from 5500 – 7000 Ft. The tea has been well-oxidized but you will still get the prominent sweet muscatel flavor.

The dry leaves appear to be greenish-black in color which brews into a mixed infusion and fully transparent orange liquor. It has a prominent & robust Autumnal character with a silky smooth flavor with a sweet finish which makes it an excellent tea.