Gopaldhara Master Series Sample Pack

 1,050.00 / 60gms combo 6 sample pouch


Life is always not simple. Sometimes we are presented with multiple choices and choosing only one seems to be a rather difficult proposition. How do you decide whether something is better than the other? To make the right choice you have to experience all that is presented to you. Expand your horizon and try something new for a change.

We have introduced a selection of Tea Taster Boxes consisting of 6 different types of finest Master Series Teas from Gopaldhara Tea Estate that varies in texture, aroma, and flavors. This is a great way to explore different types of white teas from the usual daily favorites, perhaps even find a new favorite.

This taster box combo is perfect for sharing with either a friend or family. It makes a great gift for tea lovers.

Our Collection includes:

    1. Rohini First Pick Jethikupi – This Darjeeling fresh First Flush Tea is very light on the palette, having a very mouthful flavor that leaves a clean note with a smooth finish having an abundant flavor. The flavor is full and leaves a very pleasant and distinct aftertaste with zero astringencies. The infusion has to be kept absolutely green.
    2. Gopaldhara Gold Thor – This Darjeeling muscatel tea is super fine to taste and has all the characteristics of a premium tea. It brews into a very bright orange and clear cup having a smooth fruity taste and muscatel character. The finish is long, honey-sweet & captivating. It is one of our finest second flush teas and a must-try for every summer tea lover.
    3. Gopaldhara Frosted Winter Ruby – This is a special Darjeeling reserved red oolong tea made from frosted leaves found at the highest elevated sections of the Gopaldhara Tea estate. The Autumn tea is produced in mid-November from AV2 clones which are very rare to find at such high peaks. Extreme cold weather conditions reach up to 0 degrees inducing special and complex flavor into the tea. The growth is very slow during this period and production is limited.
    4. Rohini Rare Spring Green – This special and rare Darjeeling Green Tea is from the Rohini Tea Estate, one of the youngest tea gardens in Darjeeling. It is made during the spring season from special Japanese bushes that have less tannin content in them. The bushes are covered with thick natural shades which help the leaves retain chlorophyll and give them a unique taste. After careful plucking, the whole tea leaves are allowed to rest so that they develop some flavors.
    5. Summer Woody Muscatel – It brews into a well-layered rich orange cup which gives abundant muscatel character and mouthful flavour with a woody taste. This tea has a grippy wine character that grabs you by the mouth. The tea has a prominent stone and mineral texture to it.
    6. Spring peony – The aroma captures this pure cup in its fullest glory. The slightest awakening releases the flavour of ripe apricot and fleshy peaches, exotic berries, sweet citrus, fresh apples, and grapes which will remain on your tongue for a long time. You can also brew the same infusion multiple times without compromising any flavour.
Gopaldhara Master Series Sample Pack
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