4 Different AV2 Texture and Flavour

 980.00 / 40gms combo 4 sample pouch

Tasting 4 different styles of Texture in Tea (All from AV2 Bushes, made in different seasons and different styles)

1. Herbaceous – Hand Rolled Spring Beauty – Prominent Herbs like Taste with some grassy notes and vegetal notes. It is a very floral and honey-like sweetness,
2. Fruity – Bug Bitten Summer  Honey Oolong – Prominent Juicy fruity texture, white grape-like, with lots of vanilla, honey, and melons notes.
3. Stone – Gopaldhara Thor – Stone fruity texture, prominent mango and honey fruits notes with a Red Wine finish.
4. Smooth – Gopaldhara White Peony – First Flush White Tea 2021 – smooth, creamy, and fruity texture.A hint of honey and notes of wildflowers can also be felt in this tea.

4 Different AV2 Texture and Flavour
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This 4 Different AV2 Texture and Flavour can be yours for only ₹ 980.00